Notice of the ReElection

writen on date : 1392/07/18

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“In the name of God”

“Official English Translation”


Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)

IRI Gazette


Date: 12 June, 2010

Page: 72


Notice of the Re-Election of

Iranian Trade Association of International Recruitment Offices



Date: 25 May, 2010

In reference to Article 131 of Labor Act and the Regulations dated 27 Dec., 1992 ratified by the Board of Ministers and in view of total deposing of the board members and inspectors, the names and positions of the principal and alternate board members and the inspectors of the trade association who have been elected to be in office for three years by 27 April, 2013 are declared as follows according to the minutes of the ordinary general meeting dated 21 April, 2010 for the election of the new board members and the minutes of the board meeting dated 27 April, 2010 and other documents submitted.

1. Mr. Mehrdad Ayoubi: Chairperson of the board;

2. Mr. Valiollah Ebadi: Vice-Chairperson of the Board;

3. Mr. Naser Rahmani: Treasurer;

4. Messrs Gholamhossein Abedi, Seyed Mojtaba Erfani and Mohammadreza Hedayati:

Other Principal Board Members;

5. Messrs Ali Rafiei, Khaled Mirakey and Mohammad Hassan Ahmadpour: Alternate Board Members;

6. Messrs Mohammad Taghi Ahmadian and Parviz Ghanbari: Principal Inspectors;

7. Ms. Vida Mohammadzadeh: Alternate Inspector;

8. Mr. Hassan Mohammad Bagher Karbasi: The Secretary and Principal Board Member;

According to Article 22 of the Articles of Association of the Trade Association, all financial and binding documents and papers will be valid when jointly signed by the chairperson of the board or the vice-chairperson of the board and the treasurer and affixed with the seal of the Trade Association.

No. D 499

Director General, The Workers' and Employers` Organizations Department.


True English Translation Certified.

Isfahan 29 January 2012 NRS


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