Holding the 1st Conference on the Achievement of Employment Opportunities

writen on date : 1392/07/17

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The 1st Conference on the Achievement of Employment Opportunities in the International Labor Market was conducted by Iranian Trade Association of International Recruitment Offices with the cooperation of Ministry of Cooperative, Labour and Social Welfare and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (held in Tehran, Iran on April 2012). Also some Asian, South American, and Europeans Ambassadors of destinations countries have participated in the International conference. Furthermore, there was an exhibition of the association's activities on the side line of the conference.

The objectives of this Conference were as follows:

● Exchanging and cooperating with target countries in the attraction of workforce in the labour exchanges;

● Exchanging and coordinating with the organizations and institutions related to the dispatching of workforces;

● Export promotion and development of technical and engineering services within the framework of dispatching of workforces;

● Right management of the dispatching of workforces and planning for the establishment of levers for workforce supporting

●Demonstrating international recruitment centers and their duties to people;

● Making an analysis of the points of weakness and strength of international recruitment institutions;

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